Jill Pelto

Documenting Climate Change Through Watercolor

Artist Jill Pelto loves the natural sciences. From a young age, she worked with her glaciologist father Mauri Pelto in the field while growing up in Worchester, Mass. Pelto got her B.A. in studio art and earth science and went on to graduate from the University of Maine with a Masters of Science in 2018.

Dwindling Migration by Jill Pelto

She now looks to painting to express her love of the environment and passion for climate science. Her work allows graphs and charts to reach new audiences through her watercolor depictions of animals and landscapes, and through her works she strives to help students learn more about the importance of environmental activism. We caught up with Pelto to learn about the challenges of being an artist in the world of science and how she uses the brush to convey the meaning behind data and numbers on ski topsheets and canvas.

Jill Pelto


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