Iban Navarro

Iban Navarro

Born in Barcelona in 1982 to the painter Jesús Navarro, Iban Navarro familiarised himself with painting from his father’s workshop, where he learned to use the different techniques and media of art It is also here that he has selected his medium of choice, watercolor.

Iban’s career has risen rapidly with an intense exhibition career with exhibits in the most prestigious galleries in the country and abroad and increasingly counting on the admiration and respect of critics and the public.

To talk about the work of this young painter is to highlight his technique, his perfection of the technique, of the representation of space and form of expression, so we would say that his work is located in a line of Renaissance classicism, an unmistakable artistic line because of his focus on harmony, serenity, great mastery of drawing, color and composition.

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Iban Navarro

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