Giovanni Balzarani

Giovanni Balzarani

Giovanni Balzarani was born in Terracina (Latina), Italy, on the 11th of February 1979.

Since his first years, he showed an astonishing attitude towards art, especially in painting and design. His first artistic signs are pointed out in primary school studies where his teacher noticed the little artist’s hidden gift.

His intermediate school teacher, professor Mr. Coluccia, showed him to his parents as a real talent to discover, threatening them on that if they do not let him continue his artistic studies. In fact, he immediately enrolled at the Artistic High School (after the intermediate school time) in Latina, in the experimental class ‘Leonardo’, under the guide of these teachers: Roberto Andreatini, Italo D’Auria and Pietro Cefaly.

Those teachers represented the big value that Giovanni will take with him in his following academic studies of art in Rome (Academy of Fine Arts), where he took the Art degree under the guidance of Antonio Turchiaro, Vittorio di Gioia, Giampaolo Berto and Francesco Della Santi, whose were students respectively of Sante Monachesi and Giorgio de Chirico.

For Giovanni, Academy of Fine Arts is the place where all he has learned until now flows: theory and technique on the same platform, as he says: “Be here and touch with hand all you can read only on books, a little time before, is the feeling that everyone could have almost once a life”.

The following step is group expositions that follow one another with local artists.

Giovanni has worked mainly as a restorer in Rome, taking care of recovering frescos and various artistic works, also in other Italian towns.

He also worked for local magazines and national music kinds.

He plays drums and percussions in some rock local groups.

His artworks are owned in private collections in Latina, Rome, Bari and Los Angeles, while private ones in Anzio and Borgo Grappa (Latina).

He taught Design and Painting technique in some associations in Latina.

Recently he has joined the watercolor international scene, where he has started to collect awards, participating in the Hong Kong First International Watercolor Biennale in 2016, as well as the Budapest First International Watercolor Festival and Fabriano in Watercolor.

In 2017 he has been chosen as judge and Still Life Italian leader in Fabriano in Watercolor, become a member of the National Watercolor Society and winner of the Watercolor category in Jackson’s Open Painting Prize.

His work is mainly focused on still life, reaching the hyperrealistic level, influenced by Pop-art and Photorealism artists such as Andy Warhol, Ralph Goings and Chuck Close. His painting style is always gentle and his main subject is glass and metal objects of modern daily life.

He lives, works and paints in Latina.

From the Autumn of 2017 he became the Italian Brand Ambassador of Daniel Smith Extrafine Watercolours.


Location: Latina, Italy

Giovanni Balzarani

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