Dunja Jung

Dunja Jung

Dunja Jung was born in Zadar, Croatia. Currently living and working in Belgrade, Serbia, she is a member of the Association of Fine and Applied Artists of Serbia.

She loves watercolor and feels that it is pure freedom. “Freedom of movement and thoughts. It comes from the breath that had previously been kept in a chest, eyes, and mind. When matured, it finds itself at the top of the brush, in a mixture of paint and water and possesses its paper surface.” (Source)

She continues:

“Watercolor became my favorite technique a long time ago. There is some freedom in expressing yourself with this gentle and demanding technique. It asks for patience and control, but the results can be amazing.

“Since childhood days I loved to escape into a world of fantasy and dreams, and it continued till this day.

“I paint things I feel, see, observe…Things that affect my life or made an impact on it. Very often I use symbols to express them, and often I do it unconsciously.” (Source)

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Dunja Jung

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